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Simple Nail Art Designs 2015 | 3awo

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Nail art designs are ever changing and we all want to cope with the latest and best trends in this world of elegance and beauty. However, it is not always easy to have elegant stylish nail art designs at home, some of the designs we see often seem so complicated to be done at the comfort of our home. I’m here to assure you that creating a nail art design is much easier than it seems. Simple nail art designs only need patience and practice to get them right. Just start with these simple nail art designs for beginners and you will be a pro before you know it.

Alternative colors


One of the simplest nail art designs all you have to do is to alternate colors of nail polish on each finger and you will be set to go. This style grabs attention and is perfect for women with short nails.

Use what you have


Simple nail art designs don’t have to be something that you design, you can simply use effect nail polishes in the market and get an elegant breath taking design. Among the most popular readymade nail polish effects are; Croc effect, Crackle effect and Magnetic effect.

Nail Stickers


Also you could always go for Nail Stickers for nail art designs. There are many stickers out there that suit every occasion there is. They are easy to use and you will find the instructions clearly stated on the back.



Dots are great whether you like to wear them or use them as nail designs. Dots are easy to do and they look so elegant specially on short nails that is why they are the most simple nail art designs for short nails.



Strips are another nail art designs that looks great and are easy to do. To create stripped nails art design all you have to do is use a striper pen or even a simple thin brush.



Create flowery designs by connecting dots together in an elegant manner.

Animal Prints


Nail art designs step by step could be so simple for example you could have animal prints like Zebra or leopard by using a thin brush or crackle effect nail polish.

Chocolate Nails


They are the best simple nail art ideas, all you need is a chocolate brown color and some glittery embellishment fimo pieces and hearts. Stick them on your nails using nail glue and add some golden glitter on your thumb and pinky for a funky stylish effect.

Braided Nails


Nail art designs for beginners also include braided nails. They are quite easy to do; they just need a little patience. Choose your favorite 2 colors but make sure that you get fast dry nail polish. Overlap the colors and allow them enough time to dry and boom you are done.

Caviar Nail art designs


There are special embellishments to get this easy nail art designs, caviar designs are really elegant and popular nowadays.

Bow Nails


You can do this simple nail art at home by making dots and using nail embellishments. This nail art design is great for wild parties.

Glittery Half-moons:


This easy nail art design is quite chic. Try it by painting your nails blue or lavender then add glitter on the half-moon areas. Note that you can even use eye shadow glitter via mixing it with clear nail polish

For more ideas on easy elegant nail art designs, check out these simple nail art images and try out yourself. Or you can check these simple nail art tutorials to get you on the right track.

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