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Weddings are beautiful occasions they are a symbol of two people’s commitment and love. Being invited to a wedding is an honor that is why you have to look absolutely stunning to show that you really care about the event. Moreover, wedding parties is the perfect chance to meet new people and maybe get a chance to know Mr.Right. I mean where else whould you have fun, try new food, and forget all about your worries. As a wedding guest you have the advantage of attending a wedding without being worried about how it will end up. To help you get the perfect look I scoured the internet to get you the best hairstyles for wedding guests. These are pictures of showy celebrity styles that would guarantee you a head turning in your next wedding. The great thing about these pictures and styles is that you would be able to find simple styles that suit everyone. Also keep up with us to find perfect hairstyle for your hair length our next topics will be about wedding guest hairstyles for long hair, short hair and medium length hair.


If you are into wedding guest hairstyles dye you could choose Rihanna’s style and get this chic sleek pony. Rihanna has a diverse hairstyles, she could look wild and powerful in one occasion then change her look entirely elegant and subtle in another. Today we will go for the chic elegant look, with her perfect black hair swept backwards in a gorgeous pony at the nape of her head. You could see some grayish locks that add an edge to hair blue black hair.  This look lets you wear your favorite accessories as the neck and ear lines will be open. So wear an elegant earrings and a necklace that makes a statement about who you are. This is considered one of the easiest and best hairstyles for a wedding guest so make sure to try it sometime.

Shay Mitchell

Side braids will never go out of fashion; they are elegant, simple and easy to do. A voluminous braid is the perfect wedding guest hair style for many women. Shay Mitchell did it just right; this hair style looks amazing on her due to her hair quality that gives it a nice lift at the roots. Loose braids look gives you a careless outgoing look that expresses your beautiful personality just right.

Carrie Underwood

Another hairstyle for wedding guests is Carrie Underwood’s honey blond tresses. Blond tresses is another timeless hairstyle, it will show the beauty of your hair locks specially if you have voluminous hair. Also you could grade the color to different shades and look stunning in this hair style. Feminine finger waves will add to your beauty as they look showy and outgoing at the same time. If the wedding is for a close friend or a relative, this hairstyle would be prefect to try.
Taylor Swift

You can’t talk about wedding hairstyles without mentioning Taylor Swift’s gorgeous hair. This sweet hairstyle is perfect if you want to look feminine and airy without outshining the pride. Taylor’s soft waves are so easy to style and have a powerful impressive effect on people.

Malin Akerman

Just to give you a glimpse about our next topic here is beautiful wedding hairstyles for short hair. Malin Akerman’s short hair looks stunning with voluminous tresses at the top.  You can go for this edgy hairstyle if you have short beautiful hair. This feminine and bold hair style will show the contrast of your hair color specially if you have dark and light shades.
Katy Perry

You could also go for vintage wedding hairstyles and Katy Perry is just the right person to inspire your vintage haircut from. Her beautiful black hair with small waves has an elegant tint that would would make head roll for sure.
Follow our next topics for more images on wedding hairstyles for medium hair, long wedding hairstyles and updo wedding hairstyles.

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