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Edgy Long Haircuts 2014


So what are the hottest hairstyles for 2014, they are edgy long haircuts. I’m talking about wild alluring hairstyles that redefine the norm. Celebrities and actresses have chosen to rock edgy long hairstyles to give some insights of the meaning of insanely beautiful. Check out these edgy haircuts for long hair and choose your next powerful vibrant haircut.


Highlights and lowlights can be the definition of edgy and stylish I mean what could be more edgy than a beautiful brunette with the exact right highlights. Hillary Duff shows off her beautiful luscious dark hair in tousled edgy look. This long edgy haircut would be perfect with dark shadow and dark red lipstick
Ciara knows exactly how to have the right medium edgy haircut , this amazing singer has completed her edgy hairstyle with ombre lock via dark hair leading to lighter honey blonde color. She is also throwing out some edgy waves at the end that add to her overall chic look.


Jennifer Morrison is the goddess of edgy hairstyles. Her funky braided Mohawk grabs the attention of everybody around her and gives her a style that we all adore. Her hair represents edginess at its best. This amazing edgy long hairstyle brings many braids from the top of Jennifer’s head in a delightful trendy style. So the next time you want to have an adventure try these edgy long hair styles.

Katy Perry is the definition of edgy long haircuts 2014 because she simply knows how to make heads turn from miles away. With her blue and purple locks you can’t take your eyes of her even if you wanted to. Shocking wild hair that is extremely delightful to everyone who sees it makes Katy Perry the perfect model for long edgy haircuts 2013 and 2014.

It is no secret that pastel colors are extremely popular this season, whether you wear pastel clothes or even have pastel hair. Ke$ha edgy long haircuts with pastel colors such as pink, blue and platinum gives her a very edgy stylish look. This hair style is one of the most shocking and obviously the best edgy hairstyles for long hair.

This long shaggy haircut of Demi Lovato is perfect with its side part style with beautiful long side bangs. With beautiful layers that add mysterious edge to the hair style, this haircut offers sophistication with some fierce attitude. These edgy long haircuts with bangs would be perfect for any wild occasion that you want to rock.
An edgy haircut for long hair doesn’t necessarily have to be about long hair, you can have an edgy shave and leave some of your hair falling on your back. And instead of leaving the side of your head bare you could decorate it with a funky Zig Zag pattern to have a truly edgy long hairstyle.

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