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How to Ombre Hair at Home 2014


Many women think that coloring hair at home is a hectic job that requires a lot of work and effort. However, it is quite the opposite coloring hair at home is an easy task that could be performed by all women. You don’t have to go to an expensive beauty salon to dye your hair and have the perfect look. You can get the desired look from the comfort of your hair. And if you choose to dye your hair at home you should definitely go for ombre color. You will find many websites telling you how to ombre hair at home and what to do to get the perfect ombre hair. However, not all these websites are trusted and you have to choose carefully what to do. Knowing how to do ombre hair at home is not that difficult it only needs some research and choose from the various methods out there.


Ombre hair color has surpassed many other hair trends because they require low maintenance, and it can range from bold and powerful to subtle and beautiful. This makes ombre hair color a classic look for every woman who wants to have a new and stylish look.


Because we know how ombre hair is important to you, we have scoured the internet to get the best way for you to get ombre hair at home. So follow these simple steps and let us know how did it go.

First you shouldn’t wash your hair right before dying it. This will protect your hair from damage and dehydration. Leaving your hair for two days before dying it will give it the time to maintain its natural oils and they will help protecting it from the harsh chemicals of the bleach.


The second step of how to ombre your hair at home is to make sure to brush your hair even if it seems silky and brushed. Hair can easily get tangled and knotted so you need to brush it carefully before you start dying it.


Get a foil roll and cut it into pieces to get a more natural hair color at home. Then you should divide your hair into small sections so you can ombre it properly.


Mix your hair dye or bleach in a disposable container. Use bleach if you want to get ombre hair at home for dark hair. Also you should know that if you have dyed your hair before then you must use bleach but make sure to hydrate your hair after you ombre bleach it to protect it against damage. And if you are a natural blonde you could have what is called reversed ombre hair which is simply dying the tips of your with a darker color. You could also go for crazy ombre colors like blue, purple and pink.


Divide the bleach equally in the foil, this is great to get even color tone on each hair lock. Also you should start applying the bleach on the tips of your hair then move up. You can use a brush or your fingers just make sure to apply the bleach on all the strands. In the matter of fact using your hands will make your hair look more natural.


Once you finish applying the bleach, wrap the foil around your strands and fold. Try not to fold it too tight to give your hair a room to breathe; crumpling the foil will damage your hair. This is an important step of how to do ombre hair color so you have to make sure that you do it right in order to get the best results.


You could choose ombering your bangs or not or you could add some bleach to the tips to add a bold look.

Leave the bleach to process for 15 minutes and check regularly to get the best result. Hair types varies so the time taken to bleach hair differs from one woman to another.

Wash your hair with the right shampoo and condition and leave it to dry, don’t blow dry it because the hot air will damage it.

In a nutshell , this is the best found how to do Ombre hair technique for your hair so it’s time to have a new revamped look.

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