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Honey Blonde Hair 2014


Even though bright platinum tones are hip nowadays you can’t ignore the beauty and elegance of honey blonde hair styles. It is always preferable to add multiple tones and dimensions to your hair color. This will make your hair cut pop out between others and you will definitely stand out among others. Adding a bit of honey blonde hair dye to your hair will make your skin glow with warmth. Honey blonde color suits almost every skin tone and it can be the best addition to your dark blonde hair color.


Honey blonde hair colour is absolutely stunning for those with light skin tone and light eyebrows. Whether you have dark or light eye color, they will look beautiful with honey blonde hair. And if you want to add volume to your honey blonde locks use a curling iron and get to it.


Your fair complexion will have a warmer under tone with honey blonde hair color. You will have a bombshell look but with softer tones that show your feminine side. To achieve this warm look you could add extra warm honey blonde hair colors to your roots and dry them off to emphasize their color. You could also pull the blonde hair color throughout your hair via lowlight technique. This will make all your extra blonde locks pop out and give you an overall interesting look.


A blonde hair color is also perfect for those with dark skin tone, the medium to dark blonde color will give you a mixture of toner beauty and will emphasize the color of your eyes. Another advantage of honey blonde hair color is that it would be easier to maintain than dirty blonde hair color or other blonde colors. Good news about this hair color is that it would look good in a curling hairstyle. You should also make sure to use the right shampoo for your hair type and your hair dye. It will keep your honey blonde locks in a perfect condition.


Blonde hair colors varies and one of the best hair colors is Caramel blonde hair. The bright blonde color will add light glow to your hair locks and the honey blonde tones will provide contrast to prevent you from looking washed out and pale. You can also choose some gold platinum highlights to add extra power to your overall look.


There are different blonde hair color ideas to try and having different tones of blonds will complement any complexion and would make beautiful light eyes pop out. If you want to go for bold hair colors you should definitely go for this look. The combination between platinum gold and honey blonde color will definitely make head turns. You could use this look who straight hair our funky colorful look.


Different shades of blonde hair color will give you an absolutely stunning tonal mixture, the warm honey tones that contrast with ashy blonde tones will brighten you face and give it a sexy powerful look. And if you are one of those lucky women who have natural curls you could enhance them a bit with w curling iron or a styling cream.


And finally dark ash blonde hair color in mixture with honey blonde hair will give the ultimate funky look. So this is your chance to try out different blonde hair colors and have a different diva personality.

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