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Bleached hair is a dream for many of us; we all yearn for beautiful exotic hair to dazzle everyone around us. Bleaching hair is not as hard as it seems all you have to do is to own the right tools and to know the right technique. Many websites have tutorials about how to bleach hair at home or how to bleach your hair easily. However, there is no guarantee that these methods and tutorials would suit you, so you have to know the type of your hair and the right product for it. Choosing the right bleach for hair is not easy and you might have to try more than one product before deciding the best one for you. That is why you should do your homework and scour the internet to know the best bleach hair dye for you. Also you should know that dying bleached hair is not easy and that it is usually harmful for your hair because you would be putting to many chemicals on it. So if you are planning on bleaching your hair, make sure that you won’t change your mind anytime soon to keep your hair healthy. I should also mention that bleached hair requires special attention and care for example make sure you buy the right shampoo and hair conditioner to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. So forget about going to bleach hair salon and get ready to learn some new improved methods to bleach hair at home.


Before you get started with your bleach bath hair, you should make sure that you have a healthy hair. Don’t dye your hair before bleaching it, having a strong hair will lessen the possible damage of using bleach also, you should know that the best bleach for hair is the one that doesn’t damage it. Here are some ways to have a strong healthy hair:


  • Always use natural shampoo and hair conditioner and try to avoid hair products that contain sulfates that will ultimately damage your hair.
  • Avoid Chemical hair products such as gel, hair sprays and straightening products.
  • Don’t use heat on your hair directly; using a powerful blow dryer or a straightening iron directly on your hair will lead to its damage.


If you are bleaching hair at home you should make sure that you have the right supplies. What is more, you should decide what shade you are aiming for (eg. bleach blonde hair dye or bleach dark hair dye) and get the supplies for it. You should get:


  • Get powder bleach for hair
  • Crème Developer: Based on the shade of your hair
  • Use toner for bleached hair: This is if you want to have Platinum hair, it basically takes the yellow color out of the bleach.
  • Red Gold Corrector: To increase the effectiveness of the bleach
  • Protein Filler: To replenish the natural proteins that are taken away from your hair during bleaching your hair.
  • A Brush, a plastic wrap and a bowl


Make sure that the area you are working in is properly ventilated, this will minimize the amount of fumes you would be breathing while bleaching your hair. This is especially important if you are new to bleaching hair and don’t really know how to bleach hair with peroxide.


Mix the bleach following the instructions on the bottle and don’t forget to add the gold color corrector. You should use the gloves to keep the chemicals away from your hands also you should know that the mixture will not look blonde but rather bluish color. The color corrector will help you bleach blonde hair easily.


To get the sun bleached hair effect you should apply the bleach on a completely dry hair. Start from the tips of your hair towards the roots. Use the brush to spread the bleach on your hair or the portion you want to bleach.

NB: Make sure not to rub the bleach on your scalp because it burn and sting your skin. Also use a towel to clean your face and arms.


Use a plastic wrap to cover your hair and let the bleach work. The longer you keep the bleach on your hair the lighter it will be. Bleaching hair with hydrogen peroxide will give you a lighter color of your hair. Check your hair after the 15 minutes from applying the bleach and if you didn’t get the desired color let it set for another 10 minutes. However, make sure not to leave the bleach for too long or it will cause your hair to fall out. Bleaching black hair might take a little longer that brown or blonde hair.


You should know that the best shampoo for bleached hair is the best shampoo for your hair so make sure to get the right shampoo for your hair.

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