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Monthly archives for August, 2014

Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Wo...

Short natural hairstyles are perfect for African American women because they often face problems with their natural hair. Natural African American hair is either hard to style or isn’t long enough to change re-style it every day. For these reasons and more, natural hairstyles for short hair is the number one choice for many African […]

Asymmetric Haircuts

Asymmetric haircuts are all about grabbing attention so if you are bored with your hair and want to change it into something sexy all you have to do is to try the asymmetrical hair cut that suits you. Asymmetry works well on short, long and medium length hair. What is more, you would be surprised […]

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair color is a trendy color that looks elegant and fancy whenever you decide to try it. Many women go for dark strawberry blonde hair dye as the best hair dye color. However, light strawberry blonde hair dye also looks great on many women that’s why it’s equally popular. This amazing hair dye […]

Henna Tattoo designs

Henna tattoos go back all the way to ancient Egypt; it is the secret ingredient of natural beauty for many Egyptian women. What is more, Henna tattoo has become so famous all over the world that everybody is trying. If you are into fake tattoos then you must have tried Henna at one point of […]

African braided hair styles For Black...

African braided hair styles are the best hairstyles for African Americans to tame their unruly strands. Many women choose African hair braid styles to be their go to hairdo whenever they don’t know what to do with their hair. African braids are very versatile they range from cornrows, microbraids, black braided buns, and fishtail braids. […]

French Braid Hair Styles

French braid hairstyles varies and they all look elegant and cool. Women choose French braids hairstyles to have an easy to do hair style for their daily lives. French braided hairstyles are very popular all over the world; they suit long, short and medium hair. What is more they add an elegant twist to your […]

How to French Braid hair step by step

French braids are considered an easy elegant hair style for all types and lengths of hair. If you have long or short hair this beautiful hair style will suit you just fine. What is more, French braid hair styles varies according to different lengths and types of hair so you have to know the style […]

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